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Kindergarten Kids Word Games

開発者 yamunix

"Kindergarten Kids Word Games" helps kids in building english vocabulary faster. App is designed keeping fun quotient high with interactive games for kindergarten and preschool kids. The app is for kids from 2.5 to 7 years old. More than 100 words to learn.All the words are categorized into three difficulty levels1) Simple and easy 3-letter words2) Medium 4-letter words 3) Hard 5-letter and longer words. With the help of level selector you can switch between the difficulty levels .
There are six carefully crafted games which help the kid in recognition of words with image and sound :★(Free) Jungle Picture Game: Kids learn to connect the image to word by finding the correct word for the given picture.★ (Free) Words Airplane Game: Drag and Drop game to learn how to spell words by dragging and arranging letters to airplane.★ (Share the App to unlock Free) Train Fill in Blanks Game: Drag and Drop letters to complete the word by picking and dragging to the word train.★ Free Fun Word Board Game: Learn to match words to images★ (Paid) Kitchen Word Explorer Game: Kitchen Game helps kids identify items found in kitchens★ (Paid) Words on Flower Game: Drag the letters to flowers to help the bee fly and learn spelling of the word with the bees.
Parents & teachers can use the app to help kids in kindergarten and preschool to learn words faster.All games have audio prompts and introductory guides to help kids while playing.
Kids will learn as they play. Download and get ready to start learning new english words.!!---------------------------
For any bug, crash or feature request please e-mail us at, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the application for you.